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Is it bad to put your dogs face in thier %?#& or pee when they use the bathroom inside?

I got a yorkie (about 6-7 months old) for my birthday and trying to potty train him. I’ve heard that yorkies are very hard to train. When ever he &&@$# or pees on the floor my mom tells me to put his face in it. I dont think this is right !t# she makes me do it. When I dont do it all the way she yells at me saying I didnt put his face in it. I think that its not doing a thing to helping us with training him. Im asking this because we had friends that put thier dogs face in there &#%@ or pee whenever they went in the house and now they are house trained. soo is this bad?

16 Responses to “Is it bad to put your dogs face in thier @?!? or pee when they use the bathroom inside?”

  1. Steffi Giraffe says:

    Yes. Did she put your face in it when you had an accident? It’s not fair and only teaches the dog that you’re horrible.

  2. Sue T says:

    Of course it’s wrong.
    When your mother was potty training you I’m pretty sure she didn’t rub your face in it.

  3. Just Surfin says:

    The dog doesn’t understand why you’re doing it, all the dog knows is that you’re hurting it and you can’t be trusted.

    Your mom needs to read a decent training book that wasn’t written by a neanderthal in the 60’s.

  4. Pit Bull Hugger! says:

    Umm when you were little would sticking your face in your diaper have taught you not to &%$ in it?

    No it will not help do anything other then scare your dog.

    Potty training is all about timing. Feed dog let it eat pull up food. Take out if the dog doesnt to go crate it 10 more minutes take out again..repeat until the dog does it’s business

  5. Pomi Momiā™” says:

    Never, Never, Never rub a dogs nose in their mess. If you actually catch him pottying in the house, right then and their tell him NO and immediately take him outside.

    Its a good practice to take him to the same spot every time ~ when he does potty in the house; if he pee’s blot it up w/a kleenex and place the kleenex outside %?!$ you have designated a place for him ~ when he smells it then he will know that is the place to go, the same practice for his poop.

    Rubbing a dogs nose into his mess will only cause him to either be afraid of you or cause him to become aggressive.

    Remember, potty training takes time and patience;

  6. horseluver says:

    I never put their face in it. I took them to it, got their attention on it, and told them “No!” I tried the whole, “never scold your dog if you don’t see them do it because they don’t know why you are yelling at them” bit and my Weimy would not get house trained. Dogs are smarter than people give them credit for when it comes to this. They LEARN why you are scolding them very quickly. Finally, I started taking her to her mistakes and firmly scolding her, putting her in her crate for 20 minutes, taking her out to potty after the 20 minutes were up, and then praising her highly and giving her a treat when she pottied outside. 2 days later and she was MUCH improved. Never physically put their nose in it. Just take them to it, push their face a little closer to it. I am probably going to get thumbs down for this, u*? I have done this for every dog I have owned. The fact is, each dog is different. Some dogs will not work well with this, some do better by just scolding them if you see them do it. I think it is incorrect to say that there is one way and one way only to do something. You must adapt to your animal. If putting your dog’s nose near the mistake and scolding them is not working, try something else.

    My dogs have never feared me, cowered from me, or shown fear towards me. There is a huge difference between literally putting a dogs nose in it and just taking them to it. There is never a reason to physically put your dog’s face in their excrement. Do not limit yourself to “the one and only way to do it.” Most people get their knowledge from a book or what they have heard others say, rather than experience. There are some very experienced people that have answered your question. A good teacher will help give you a solution to a problem, a great one will give you many.

  7. T J says:

    Regardless of bad, it is pointless. The dog has no idea why you would want to do that. Catch the dog in the act and calmly pick it up and TAKE IT OUTSIDE TO FINISH. That the dog will understand.

    Taking a dog outside WHENEVER it needs to go is all there is to house training a dog. If you just sit there and watch it relieve it’s self, don’t blame the dog.

    “Your mom needs to read a decent training book that wasn’t written by a neanderthal in the 60’s.”

    Hay, I know that I’m old, but really!! (wink)

    “You or some other adult needs to take him our to the same spot each time. You should do this about every two hours”

    Forget that!!!!!!!
    Taking a dog out when it doesn’t need to go only teaches a dog that it is fun to go outside and play. If the pup relieves it’s self while out playing it will in no way associate that with not going in the house. TAKE IT OUT WHEN IT NEEDS TO GO so that it can understand WHY it is going outside.

  8. GSDlover says:

    It does no good to put your pups face in its’ pee or @!** other than to have his face covered in it and him smell like a bathroom.
    One of the reasons he’s going in the house is the odor of previous accidents are calling him. After cleaning with whatever you’re using spray a little white vinegar on the area. This will cover the urine smell. Most household products contain ammonia which smells like urine.
    Now house training. You or some other adult needs to take him our to the same spot each time. You should do this about every two hours, after waking up in the am, after eating, playing and naps. If you are consistent and follow this your dog should be trained within 2 weeks if not sooner.

  9. Bethnyc says:

    that is very very old training method and it actually doesn’t train, just makes your dog fear you.. Your friends dogs are trained because they got older and learned via being taken outside @%$@ they made the correct *#$%$@@?&!#$ punishing when you come @*!@ is always wrong because basically you are punishing them for greeting you with a waggy tail.. consistency, patience and praise are the only ways to train

  10. ainawgsd says:

    Yes. This does NOT teach your puppy that what he did was “bad,” the only thing it teaches him is that you’re scary…if you’re lucky that is. If you aren’t lucky it will simply teach your dog to @#%? under the couch or somewhere else @*$@$ you won’t find it any time soon.

    The best way to teach your dog to potty outside without ruining your relationship with your dog is to take him out very often and reward reward reward when he does go outside. If he makes a mess in the house, that was YOUR fault for not keeping a close enough eye on him or for not sticking to his schedule. You beat yourself with a rolled up newspaper, vow to keep a closer eye on him and/or take him out more often, suck it up and clean up the mess. You don’t terrify your dog who does not understand why you are suddenly being scary for no apparent reason.

    Yeah, sure, lots of dogs were trained with the old “rub their nose in it” method. And lots of dogs were obedience trained using methods that are nothing short of animal abuse by today’s standards (I’m not talking a little controversial according to positive-only trainers here…I’m talking legally considered abuse by the courts). Now we know better and we use more effective and more humane methods.

  11. Kaitlin says:

    Ok first, yorkies are very smart and will learn quickly! I should know because I have a little yorkie puppy myself! Also, it is VERY wrong to stick your puppies face in his o&$$ or pee because he doesn’t know what the heck he did. If you catch him going to the bathroom clap your hands and say “NO!” Then put him outside to let him finish his job. If you don’t catch him when he is doing “it”, then just clean it up and don’t stick it in his face. Puppies forget what they did wrong. So if you try to correct him (even just yelling at him), he won’t know what your talking about. Hope I helped and good luck on the potty training!!!!

  12. lavender says:

    you really dont need to do that most puppies are at least 6 months old before they are toilet trained,so your pups a good age ?#% you really need to step up your toilet training by taking him out once or twice an hour when hes awake and give him lots of praise when he does it outside and a treat. what i did was put emergancy paper down &$* moved it nearer and nearer the back door

  13. Jaclyn says:

    YES! It’s very bad. Not only does it completely confuse your dog, because they aren’t sure why in the world you’re stuffing their face in waste, it’s mean and gross. WOuld you stick your child’s face in their dirty diapers when potty training them?

    Now that I’ve told you that it is bad, here is a reason that it really isn’t the best method for potty training…. your puppy isn’t sure why in the world you are doing this to him. He understands that, yes, he #&!?d#e??!!# and when he does that he face goes right into it. This could make him realize that when he goes potty, it means not good things: @?& he may apply that to going to potty in general!

    Instead of penalizing him when he goes potty inside, put him on a schedule. Make sure that you don’t leave his food and water just sitting out. If you give him food (and not too much, there should be a chart on whatever brand of dog food you’re buying him) in the morning, and whatever he eats within 10-15 minutes is what he gets until diner. If you do the same with his water and then take him outside a little after that to go potty (and a couple times in between) and reward him good when goes OUTSIDE, he’ll get that this is the place to go. He connect that when he potties outside he gets some great love and treats, #@? when he goes inside he gets nothing, and possibly a very annoyed owner. He’ll eventually want to start using the toilet outside and it’ll become a habit for him. Good luck!

  14. pots says:

    I am a Yorkie owner myself and knowing how smart they are, they learn fastest when you use positive reinforcement. They are %& smart ?@ a 3 year old human child is and if you use positive reinforcement, they tend to co-operate with you more. The good thing is, you build trust and confidence in them in the same time instead of fear and distrust towards you if you use the old method. My Yorkie is so smart that he will use pee pad and go outside at the same time. If your comfortable with it, put a pee pad at @m!% and teach him how to use it. Just smear a little of his pee on a piece of new pee pad and put it at a spot &&*&# you want him to go. It helps more if you limit his area to an ex-pen and put his pee pad, bed, water and food in there. Catch him when he does it right and praise him like crazy and remember to give him treats! If he does it outside, reward him s$ well with lots of praises. Always bring lots of treats with you when you go out.

    You have to also disagree with your mom politely and explain to her why that is an old method and print articles to show her so that both of you can agree on the same method of training. Consistency in the method of training is important within a family too. A dog can be confused if each of you are giving a different command for the dog to go potty.

  15. Lisa says:

    This is a question that has a lot of opinions. I always thought it was the thing to do. Until I got my Dog. If they @*$% shove their nose in it yet to me it seemed harsh to the animal. Ok. here is a question. You have children? I do 3 In fact. To me, My dog is just like another child minus the pain of birth. While I potty trained my kids they had accidents. a &@$& in the corner a pee in the dinning room. Yea it sounds funny. #@#! Did I shove his or her nose in it? no. and besides think about this. Do you let your dog lick your face or just your hand.yep you’ll think twice before letting that happen again. I heard from a popular trainer”the dog is smart Even if you see their #&?! or pee the next day and you bring him or her to it they know what they did so don’t take a day or 2 that they wont remember”. I did this with my own dog and the second time she never did it again. ?t* all dogs are different. Lisa

  16. - Miracle Paws - says:

    It is very wrong. Back in the old days that was the thing to do! Stick the nose in the dogs fecal – $#n$$ it & throw it outside. They think it works because when they put the dogs face in the fecal wants they let go the dog runs and acts like it did something bad. So with that reaction they think the dog has learned – wrong! the dog ran and acted sad – because you shoved the dogs face in its own !a&#* The dog is thinking “what the heck! That person is scary!” The dog has no idea that you shoved his face in his r*$@ because he went in the house. The only time ever you should scold a dog when reliving itself in the house is while he/she is doing it – because wants the dog stops reliving it selfs its brain shifts to something else, they forget all about using the bathroom so thats when you come up 2 minutes later grab the dog and put his face in his @a%*? well the dog has no idea why your doing it and is just thinking of you &! mean.

    Your yorkie should be in a crate when your not there and when you are you should watch him every minute. If he starts to sniff around scratch at the ground – take him right out and the minute he uses the bathroom outside jump around and tell him what a good boy he is and really show him that he did good. Another trick is to use a timer. I have a little timer when i started house training my dogs – i get a little timer put it on my pants and set it for every hour – so ! soon !? it would beep i would take them out. So they had no chance of going in the house. When i am not $?!@ they are crated.

    Good luck!