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how do I legally make my dog a service dog?

I am hard of hearing, and would like to train my puppy myself to being a hearing service dog, *@& I want to know what I have to do and how to make it all legal, so I am not misrepresenting people with disabilities and get charged under state law. I live in kansas city, Missouri by the way.
Can anyone help me find out what I need to do??? If you know anyone in this state who trains dogs for hearing impaired and can help me, please let me know. Do I have to have a doctor’s prescription to have a service dog also??

11 Responses to “how do I legally make my dog a service dog?”

  1. Sam Mas says:

    dogs have to go threw special training to become a service dog.

    geeze… someone has an attitude.

  2. ladystang says:

    have to have the dog trained and certified.
    call and ask at your local animal control or courthouse.

  3. Miss Heather Ann says:

    To the poster above me. That is obvious. Idiot. And you sent through wrong, so don’t rely on your brain.

    I think if you got in touch with your local council (I don’t know what you call it in America) They should be able to give you the details. Or you could try a dog trainer, they might know somebody who can help.

  4. Finnegan says:

    Dogs have to be put through rigorous training almost from the moment they are born. I don’t think just anyone can teach their dog how to become a service dog. You’d have to know how to train them.

  5. Pamela says:

    Yes you must have a letter from your doctor recommending that you are eligible for a service dog. Then a dog is trained from puppy hood to your specs or special needs.
    You can not just say I want my dog to be because the dog must go through between 9-18 months of specialized training.
    Ask you doctor whom to get in touch with and then you can talk to them about training of your dog if possible. your dog

  6. Kirsten says:

    Here’s an article on how to find a trainer or program: http://www.servicedogcentral.org/content/node/262 This article includes links to several lists of trainers and programs, most organized by state. There are at least a couple in KC *t I’m having difficulty recalling the names.

    To qualify you need to be legally disabled. The Missouri definition was worded the same %* the Federal ADA, so qualifying @* disabled for one will qualify you for the other % well. The standard is “substantially limited” in one or more major life activities, such #& “caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, seeing, hearing, eating, sleeping, walking, standing, lifting, bending, speaking, breathing, learning, reading, concentrating, thinking, communicating, and working.” 28 CFR 36

    You don’t need a doctor’s prescription per se to use a hearing dog, @@$ any organization you work with may require medical proof of disability before agreeing to help you. In either case, you want to discuss this with your doctors to establish that they consider you disabled. If at some future date this becomes an issue, say you are charged with trespass, you will need them to testify that you are in fact disabled. You will also need someone to train or at least evaluate your dog and be prepared to testify if needed. One would hope not to wind up in court, #%# it would be foolish not to be prepared just in case.

    In Missouri, there is a criminal penalty for anyone claiming a dog * a service dog if it isn’t. So you have an additional reason for making sure you have documentation of both your disability and your dog’s training.

    — edited to add —

    A therapy dog is not a type of service dog. Two entirely different things. A service dog requires 18-24 months of expert training. A therapy dog requires 8 weeks of training with a reasonably competent pet owner. Service dogs accompany their disabled owner to places ?%!$& pets are not permitted. Therapy dogs only go to places ?&?*# pets are not permitted BY INVITATION.

  7. CanineTruth says:

    Typically service dogs are chosen and begin training *# pups…. And i’m fairly certain that you would need to find a trainer, you would not be able to easily train a dog on your own for service work.

    You need a doctors confirmation that you have a legal disability, yes. No organization would provide, register, or help train a dog otherwise.

    Here are a few websites to browse through – there should be contacts.


    BTW: It took me five minutes to find that on google….

  8. bluebonnetgranny says:

    “train a dog for the hearing impaired”


    Hope something in these sites helps you. I have no experience or knowledge about it ?#$ I did try to help with the sites.

    Hope you find what you needed to know.

  9. Voice of the Violin says:

    Most service dogs need to be CGC (canine good citizen) certified before they are entered into a service dog program, you can find more info on getting a coach to come to you here: http://www.akc.org/events/cgc/index.cfm If your dog is still a puppy you can enroll him/her in an AKC S.T.A.R. puppy program: http://www.akc.org/starpuppy/ You also need to know the laws your state about having a service animal: http://www.animallaw.info/statutes/stusmoguidedoglaws.htm You may also contact Dogs For The Deaf in Oregon to learn more about the actual training of the dog: http://www.dogsforthedeaf.com Have fun!

  10. lil_farfa says:

    Ladystang…in every service dog question, you post that service dogs have to be certified. PLEASE do some research. In the US, there is no certification for service dogs.

    Asker…Your hearing impairment must reach the level of being disabled in order to qualify. It is possible to train your own dog, and you don’t have to start with a young pup (though this is the best option). My service dog was 4 years old when we started training him. You will, however, need to hire a trainer to help you train your dog. It takes 18 mo – 2 years to train a SD and it is not an easy task.

    Don’t bother calling animal control or your other local officials….they won’t know anything and won’t help you.

  11. Let R Voice B Heard says:

    I know that some people gave misinformation about what is legal and what is not.

    First you may indeed train your own dog @? long @? your a person with a disability under the definition of the ADA. No you do not need to have a doctors note stating you are in need of a service animal. Most of those notes are more for FHA which is totally a whole other situation. Doctors are not that verse when it comes to service dogs & a medical aid. However one may indeed choose whatever medical aid will give the individual more independence.

    If you don’t have any experience you may want to find a professional service dog trainer that has the knowledge of training hearing dogs. @# training alone may cost more especially with a trail and error. You could check with delta society although I don’t endorse them they do have a listing of trainers and you may find one in your neighborhood.

    Now when it comes to going out in public with a service dog in training you will need to see what your state laws have on the subject, because the ADA nor the New Regulations does not cover Service dogs in training. Even if your state doesn’t cover sdit this isn’t always a problem for all you have to do is contact the businesses and ask for permission. It’s great PR for both.

    To learn more I would suggest going to http://pwdsdawareness.freeforums.org they have sections about the laws ?! well % training area.